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The Phealing, founded by David Finkel in 2018, is a community where human potential is realized. He shares contemporary knowledge of the Healing Arts in an approachable and functional way. You will receive the tools to supercharge your health and lead your healthiest life, while identifying and exploring the unique factors that contribute to your youthful longevity. Come experience a new life. People suffer from a lack of knowledge, not faith. The Phealing brand changes that. To learn science is to experience the natural mechanisms inside your body as you heal. Healing is feeling. Prevention has never been sexier!

Publichealing Seminars

Join David Finkel, MPH, as he hosts his Publichealing seminars, designed to to facilitate your knowledge of the art and sciences you do not know. This a longevity school where even the busiest among us can participate while being able to receive critical information not readily being distilled anywhere in America today. Because chronic diseases are sky rocketing, it is time to get the inside track on prevention. Paradigms are changed by the public. It is an honor to be able to teach you how to ignite the natural mechanisms by which the body heals itself. After a decade of experience working in the trenches of chronic illness and disease, the message is crystal clear. Mastery of health can be most effective when you have a community of like minded people united with a common goal. You will be taught to develop the right mindset and daily practices for optimal health where your experiences will contribute toward the manifestation of radiant health. Experience a new life!

A generous portion of the proceeds will go towards scientific research and preventive Covid causes.

11/21/21 @ 2pm PST
How The Brain’s Natural Opiates Cure Anxiety and Depression
4/25/21 @ 2pm PST
The Secrets of Youthful Skin You’ve Never Been Told
2/28/21 @ 2pm PST
7 Secrets to Mitigating Stress in 2021
12/6/20 @ 2pm PST
7 Ways To Regenerate Your Brain Function – And Achieve Peak Performance
10/11/20 @ 2pm PST
The Best Natural Cleanses For Youthful Immunity
8/2/20 @ 2pm PST
7 Easy Steps to Youthful Immunity


David Finkel, MPH, CNC established his professional credentials at the USC Keck School of Medicine in the Department of Preventive Medicine known as public health. He is also a state licensed nutritionist who has had the privilege of working alongside our country’s foremost biochemists and clinical nutritionists in a chronic illness practice during the past decade. David possesses a wealth of knowledge that can be consciously integrated within one’s life where lasting results can only be described as self evident to those who work with him.

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